Fullertons demand answers in new murder probe

The family of murdered Donegal Councillor Eddie Fullerton have demanded answers from Gardai following a fresh investigation into the 1991 killing.

The Eddie Fullerton Justice Committee is to "up the ante" in its campaign to uncover the truth about the murder at the councillor's Buncrana home, his daughter Amanda Fullerton told the 'Journal' yesterday.

The family has always claimed that security forces were involved in the assassination and criticised the Garda probe into the shooting.

Now they are seeking a transparent update from Gardai on the fresh investigation into the murder.

Last year five people were arrested and quizzed by police in the North at the request of Gardai as a result of a re-investigation of the UFF murder. THe arrests were the first in relation to the murder but the five people were released without charge.

The family have since been told in a letter that the authorities were "satisfied" there was no case to pursue against the men arrested.

However, the family are now to request a meeting to discuss what information has been brought to light by the fresh investigation and why they are not being updated.

Ms Fullerton said: "We certainly need feedback from the Gardai and the PSNI and we are know re-grouping to increase the momentum of our campaign. We havn't heard any details about the arrests and why they were made. We have written to Assistant Garda Commissioner Noel White to request a meeting to discuss progress on the case.

"We are going to keep the pressure on to find out the truth about our father's killing and to do that we'll need the support of politicians who will raise it in the Dail once again."