Funny guy Danny leads comedy club

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He’s been making people laugh - intentionally or otherwise - since he was two years old and now he pioneering a free comedy night at the Millennium Forum - determined to make the most of the city’s wit.

“Sure everyone in Derry is a comedian, aren’t they?” Danny McCrossan said. “Most conversations you have with a local end up with a bit of comedic banter. We are a city which loves to laugh.”

To this end, Danny is the MC of the Forum’s monthly comedy club which has been running for just over a year and is now growing in popularity.

“We regularly have a full house,” he said, adding that the punters are pulled in by the free admission and stay when they find out what a great night’s craic they are getting.

Danny himself has been working in the local comedy scene since 2002 - but has always been making people laugh all his life. “I have been telling funny stories since I was two. The only difference is that I’m a bit taller. But I’m still a big child - as all my ex-girlfriends will tell you.”

Danny is passionate about the comedy night in the Forum and about the burgeoning scene locally. “We are bringing some of the best local comedians to the stage and giving people just starting out a chance to go for it, trying out their material to see how it goes down.”

Among those comedians gracing the stage of the Forum each month are Mickey Bartlett who is set for big things and Bobby Best who Danny describes as “one of the funniest men I know”.

Danny also enjoys flexing his own comedic muscles too. “It’s not as nerve wracking as it used to be,” he said. “That comes with experience I suppose - and confidence in your own material. Hopefully by now I know what works and what doesn’t and just go out there and give it my best.”

He cites his influences as Bill Hicks and Richard Prior.

The 31-year-old is currently forging his way in the world of comedy - his first book ‘Disgracebook’ has sold hundreds of copies worldwide and he is currently working on a top secret debut novel. Although at the moment he says his main focus to “promote comedy in Derry and to promote Derry comedians outside of the city.”

The comedy club takes place tonight in the Studio Room of the Forum and admission is free.