Galliagh women’s group launch benefit advice service

Galliagh Women’s Group have launched a new advice service informing local women about their benefit entitlements.

A spokesperson for the Galliagh Women’s Group said;

“This service will particularly focus on all the relevant benefit changes affecting women, women with disability and single parents.

“It will be a first for the women’s sector, to deliver such a valuable service in the Northwest Area.

“Until funding is sourced we have secured the services of a well known local advice specialist on a voluntary basis and we are grateful for them giving their time freely.”

The service will run on Wednesday October 12, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

Galliagh Women’s Group has been one of the longest establish community organisations in the Greater Shantallow Area.

They deliver education, training, family support service and various health initiatives etc.

The group have also secured temporary employment for local men and women on the Step Ahead programme. The

“We, as a group, would also to thank Derry Youth and Community Workshop and also Job Assist in Derry City because without their support we would not have taken this leap forward,” said the spokesperson.

Galliagh Women’s Group also have successfully been running a counselling service in the local area for one year. Core Care Counselling and Support is a free, confidential counselling Service initiated and developed by the Galliagh Woman’s Group.

The service which is located at 20 Knockalla Park, Galliagh area offers counselling and support, not only, to the Galliagh community but surrounding areas.

It is available to anyone over 18 years old in order to meet the demand for counselling in the Galliagh area and to support training of the communities’ future counsellors.

Core Care currently has six volunteer counsellors and operates five days per week from Monday to Friday.

Appointments can be made by telephoning 07849223114, between 9.30-1.30 pm.

Both day and evening time appointments are available.