Garvan plans £14m 'boutique' hotel

Derry businessman Garvan O'Doherty has submitted plans to build a 42-bedroom hotel in the heart of Derry's city centre.

The new development - which comprises a number of listed buildings at Shipquay Place and Foyle Street - will cost in the region of 14 million.

The hotel scheme will include ground floor bars, first floor restaurant overlooking Guildhall Square, second floor jazz club/live music venue, basement club and a retail unit.

The finished buildings will cover 50,000 sq. ft and will, according to the Garvan O'Doherty Group, "represent a major investment in the historic fabric of the city."

John Quinn, of ASI Architects Ltd., describes the scheme as "a systematic recovery of the area in a contemporary use which will deliver the re-instatement of the original buildings and edifices."

Mr Quinn says that, while ASI is better known for its modern buildings with the Garvan O'Doherty Group, the firm is "equally comfortable in an historical medium."

Previous collaborations between ASI and the O'Doherty Group include modern office accommodation at the Da Vinci complex on Culmore Road and the recently completed 3 million, 20,000 sq. ft. office development at Duncreggan Road.