Gaslight to roll out ‘identities in conflict’ programme

Some of the messages daubed locally.
Some of the messages daubed locally.

A new project is to be rolled out at schools across next year examining the legacy of the conflict and other issues around identity.

The JustUs multi-media education programme will be taken into secondary school and youth work settings for young people aged between 14 and 18.

It will be run by Gaslight Media Trust and the website for the project has now been established at

Gaslight Productions was set up in 1998 to exploit the potential of new media for progressive education.

Their first project was the drama documentary film ‘Sunday’ for Channel 4. The film was broadcast in January 2002 and was seen by 2.5 million people in Ireland and Great Britain, and was subsequently broadcast in Australia, Canada and a number of European countries.

Gaslight aims to bring about inclusivity, human rights, justice and peace through the production of innovative new media that can reach ordinary people.

Those behind the JustUs project said that it has been designed “to leave young people better able to negotiate the legacy of the conflict and become change agents of peace-building in the conflicts they encounter in their everyday lives”.

Jim Keys, facilitation manager, said the project “is looking at the question of identity and looking at the issue of legacy of the conflict and also other issues that can get people into conflict- sexual orientation, the colour of their skin, the fact that they have come from eastern Europe, or even from Donegal to work We are looking at legacy but putting it into a wider context.”

Notions of Britishness, Irishness and Otherness, will be examined along with seemingly everyday questions that can become highly charged for people living here such as ‘What’s your name?’ ‘Where are you from?’ and ‘What school do you go to?’.

The need for JustUs was identified during the roll out of Gaslight’s groundbreaking ‘Epilogues’ conflict transformation programme.