‘Gate would solve Bull Park issues’

People living beside Bull Park have appealed for a gate to be erected behind their homes in a bid to curb anti social behaviour.

Sinn Fein councillor Colly Kelly said a number of concerned Westland Avenue and Laburnum Terrace residents have a range of issues.

“Those issues include anti-community behaviour, late night noise and public health issues such as the illegal dumping of rubbish and setting bins on fire at the Bull Park end of the street.

“When we were going around the doors and speaking to residents directly it was very apparent the impact all the carry-on in the laneway behind their homes particularly at night time and at the weekends was having on them. The residents most directly affected feel the best to resolve many of these issues is the installation of a gate.”

Mr Kelly said a petition will now be collated and presented to the relevant authorities.

“This can be a long process but I will keep residents up to date as this proceeds,” he said.