Gelvin book takes trip down memory lane

After much hard work, and research spanning 150 years, Gelvin Historical Society is launching their book, ‘Gelvin: The Home Place’ later this month.

The book, packed with more than 200 pictures, records the history of local people in the Gelvin area, just north of Dungiven, and covers the 150 years starting shortly after the Great Famine.

The articles in the book were written by a diverse group of local people to show the way of life of a farming community and how it changed over the years. It includes descriptions of houses, farming methods, changes in land tenure, marriages and children and covers related subjects such as emigration (permanent and temporary), ancient systems of farming (the remnants of which are still evident in the area), churches and wartime evacuees allocated to the area during world war two. The society’s intention was to record in as much detail as possible what happened to grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and neighbours thereby ensuring that much of what went before will be preserved for future generations.

Gelvin Historical Society is indebted to the Heritage Lottery (HLF) for their financial assistance without which their project and this publication would not have been possible.

Paul Mullan, Head of HLF said: “This publication opens the door to the social history of the Gelvin area through the words of real people as they recount their experiences. The community have researched and shared an amazing record of their diverse heritage which can be passed on to future generations. The Heritage Lottery Fund has been delighted to be able to support their project.”

The book, priced at £5, contains over 250 photographs and images with approximately 200 pages of text. The launch will take place on Saturday 24th March 2012 at 12noon in the library Main Street Dungiven and you are invited to come along. Refreshments will be served.

Copies will be available in local outlets from Monday 26th March and can be reserved by contacting Morrison on 028 777 40753; Eugene on 028 777 42377; Susan on 028 777 67022 or 028 71 352327, Liam on 07732104470 or anyone associated with the publication. Visit