'˜Generous' gesture by Derry kick boxing gym

The mother of a four year-old Derry girl with spina bifida and hydrocephalus has praised a local boxing kickboxing gym for helping her daughter go to Lourdes.

Friday, 8th July 2016, 4:14 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 4:21 pm
Little Seanain McCallion pictured with sisters Grace and Chloe receiving her oxygenator concentrator. Included, back row, Sean McGill (head coach) and mum, Kathleen McCallion.

Kathleen McCallion’s daughter, Seanain, can only fly if she has a piece of equipment called an oxygen concentrator.

Oxygen concentrators are extremely expensive to purchase but the money raised by the children at Rath Mor Warriors Kickboxing Gym meant Kathleen could rent the equipment for the duration of her daughter’s visit to Lourdes.

“It’s the most generous thing anyone has ever done for us,” said Kathleen.

“My husband and I are very proud people and we try to make sure our three daughters never want for anything but when Sean McGill at Rath Mor Warriors Kickboxing Gym contacted me and said he wanted to do something nice for Seanain I decided to let him go right ahead.”

Kathleen and Seanain travelled to Lourdes on Wednesday and will return home to Derry this Sunday.

“I have done some training with Sean McGill and he met Seanain when she was a little baby - Sean said he always wanted to do something to help.

“Like I said, we are a very proud family and we just like to get on with things but as most people in Derry will know, every single penny counts. The money raised by Sean and the kids has helped Seanian get to Lourdes in the most comfortable way possible - it’s made a massive difference to Seanain and she is very grateful.”

Seanain will enter primary one at St. Eithne’s Primary School in September and mum Kathleen said she tries to keep her daughter’s life as normal as possible.

“We like to keep things simple and Seanain likes it that way,” she smiled.