Gerry’s no geriatric!

Radio Foyle presenter Gerry Anderson in training for the New York Marathon. (0507PG01)
Radio Foyle presenter Gerry Anderson in training for the New York Marathon. (0507PG01)

He is, by his own admission, not 25 anymore, but Gerry Anderson is not letting age get in the way of his latest charity venture.

Instead, he is training daily in order to get in shape for the New York marathon in November, all in aid of Action Cancer.

They are, he says, “a nice and focussed bunch” who asked him to do it initally for publicity to get people running for them. Now those places are filled and Gerry finds himself amid “a nightmare”!

He says, “I have never ran, not even at school, and now I’m running all the time. Not too far mind you, but I’m running.”

In fact, he’s doing at least five miles every day in an attempt to get ready for the 26.2mile event on November 6th.

A personal trainer has also been deployed - a man whom Gerry says shouts, ‘You’re not tired, get up’ continually - and the City Hotel has kindly offered their gym facilities free of charge in an attempt to help him get fit on time. And it seems to be working.

Gerry jokes, “I used to have a wee belly but it’s gone, so I must be doing something right.”

His diet has also come into line, with desserts and the infamous ‘Derry fry’ off the menu, with fruit and wholegrain rice and pasta taking their place.

He also has a personal aim in mind, to finish a challenge his Radio Ulster colleague Steven Nolan failed to complete.

He finishes, “When Nolan dropped out of the Belfast marathon I had to fill in for one fifth of his race, now I’m going to do the whole thing - I may crawl the last few miles, but I’m optimistic I’ll complete it.”

A charity concert is also in the planning, with “a big name hopefully taking part”, and the aim is that “one big event will be fruitful in raising the required £5000”.

If you want to sponsor Gerry you can do so by logging onto and donate online.

Or, if you would like to hold a fundraising event on his behalf the team at Action Cancer can give you advice and support. Contact Lucy on 02890 803344 or email