Get ready for The Big Tickle festival 2014!

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The Playhouse Big Tickle comedy festival will celebrate 10 years of comedy gold next month with Des Bishop, Micky Bartlett, nonsense poetry and the life of a clown!

The Big Tickle will be kicked off this year with some nonsense poetry from much loved Victorian nonsense poet and artist Edward Lear! Chatterbox Productions will use his poetry, shadow puppets and live accordion music in a new play about growing up in ‘Little Jokes’ on Saturday September 6.

Irish-American funnyman Des Bishop will then bring his new show, ‘Coming Home’ to The Playhouse on Saturday September 12, after spending over a year in China. He has some fun stories to tell about that: from working in a restaurant in the North East for a month to trying to find a wife in a Marriage park; plus some great journeys with Leo his co-worker from the Abrakebabra days.

Micky Bartlett will then take bring his new show to The Playhouse on Saturday, September 27. ‘Micky Bartlett is Not Even Sorry’ explores relationships...again, and what it’s like to be mildly famous and absolutely broke. He’s still afraid of his parents...he’s still a bit too chubby...and he still thinks he’s a student...but he’s still hilarious!

Then it time for a theatrical stage show that takes you on a journey through a clown’s life and career, the highs, the lows and the shows! ‘Clown Noir: This is Me’, a piece of physical comedy that will evoke empathy, passion and disgust combined with hilarious dark humour will come to The Playhouse on Thursday October 9.

“This year’s festival has a lovely mix, bringing shadow puppets, adventures in China, accordions and grotesque clown makeup and costume to its tenth anniversary!” Niall McCaughan at The Playhouse said.

“Tickets always go fast for The Big Tickle so book now to make sure you and your friends don’t miss out on any of the fun!”

To find out about all of the fantastic comedy events coming up as part of The Big Tickle or to view all the exciting events in the new Playhouse brochure visit The Playhouse website on or call (028)71268027.