GFA must be protected as Brexit talks reach critical point: McCallion

Elisha McCallion.
Elisha McCallion.

Sinn Féin MP Elisha McCallion has said it is critical the Good Friday Agreement is defended in all its aspects as the Brexit negotiations near critical point.

She was speaking ahead of this afternoon's committee meeting on the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement in the Oireachtas in Dublin.

“There is massive concern in the north and across Ireland about the economic consequences of Brexit and the negative implications for key sectors of our economy which are becoming clear," she said.

“There is no good outcome from Brexit and the North being forced to leave the EU against the expressed wishes of its people represents a major set-back for the political process here.

"It directly challenges the integrity of the Good Friday Agreement and will have huge consequences for the protections contained within it. Brexit also fundamentally undermines the principle of consent," she said.

She said it was incumbent on the Irish negotiating team to fiercely protect the accord.

"The integrity of the Good Friday Agreement must be defended within the Brexit negotiations. It is endorsed by, and belongs to all the people of Ireland. It is the template for continued democratic transformation on the island and cannot be undermined to satisfy a DUP agenda," she concluded.