Ghouls rule in Derry dad’s spooky garden

Ronan Drumm in the haunted garden with daughter Molly (7).
Ronan Drumm in the haunted garden with daughter Molly (7).

He’s the Derry DIY expert who’s turned his hand to making coffins.

Waterside man Ronan Drumm has become so obsessed with Hallowe’en it’s taken over his garden.

Now, where most people plant trees and flowers, Robert has skeletons, ghosts and even a few coffins. And passers by need to beware, walk past the house and you might get a shock from one of the remote controlled tricks, including a smoke machine.

“Ths is is the fourth year I’ve done the garden,” explained Ronan who works in B&Q. “Every year it gets bigger. This year I got lots of stuff from America including the 10 foot inflatable pumpkin, some of the moving items and the projector under the window. I don’t think I can add anymore, we are running out of space.”

The Derry man revealed he started collecting his props when he picked up some items cheap in Tesco after Hallowe’en one year.

“I decorate the house for Christmas,” he said, “ but everyone does that so I decided to do Hallowe’en.

“All the neighbours love it, they look forward it.

But be warned, Ronan says that at night, you’ll find a few surprises in the garden.

“Ghosts rise from their graves,” he said. “And the smoke machine works by remote control. It all gets a bit more scary.

“People come into the garden and have a look and take photographs.”

Most of the items Ronan has actually made himself including coffins from scrap timber. “The coffins are handy because when Hallowe’en is over I just store the stuff in them.”

On Hallowe’en night people are invited to come to the house at Grovemount Park, Altnagelvin and have a look.