Girlfriend defends Big Brother’s Conor

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The girlfriend of Derry’s Big Brother contestant Conor McIntyre says his outburst on the show has been “taken out of context.”

The Derry man has been lambasted for his outburst - in which he threatened to punch fellow contestant Deana Uppal - which followed a task in which contestants had to eat a range of foodstuffs to win a prize.

Deana, the current Miss India UK failed to eat a cake made of ham with chilli sauce.

Big Brother bosses gave the Derry man a warning in the diary room for his threatening behaviour.

Writing on her Facebook page, Conor’s girlfriend Kayleigh O’Reilly said: “Im not excusing what Conor has said at all but I think this is completely getting taken out of context, he didn’t mean it literally.

“We have all said and done things without thinking about them and regret them. He’s just angry and under pressure and that’s exactly what Big Brother wants the house to do to each housemate.”