Girls terrified after ‘locked’ in Lisnagelvin

Two young girls aged 12 and 14, found themselves locked inside Lisnagelvin Leisure Complex after it closed on Saturday, according to the mother of one of the children.

The mother, who asked not to be named, also criticised the alleged response by centre management to the incident.

She told the ‘Journal:’ “My 12 year-old daughter and her 14 year-old friend had been swimming but when they tried to leave the building they discovered it was locked. There were no staff in the building and the alarm sounded when they tried to open the main doors.

“This really scared the girls; they were crying. The pool closed at six so they were getting changed after that. When they left the changing rooms they found the place in darkness.

“This made them panic as they thought they were in trouble. Thankfully her friend thought to try an emergency exit. They were terrified and were trapped inside, alone. I just don’t think it is good enough.”

While the girls were locked inside the mother was waiting outside.

She said: “I drove around but couldn’t see the girls, then I got call from a staff member at Tesco who the girls had gone to. When she told me they had got locked inside the pool, I thought, ‘are you serious?’ How does that even happen?”

The mother later called the police who ensured the centre was secure. Yesterday she informed Lisnagelvin of the incident.

“I spoke to the management and they were not helpful. They didn’t apologise and suggested that I come back and speak to the staff who were on duty on Saturday. It just isn’t good enough.”

A spokesperson for Derry City Council confirmed that it is currently “investigating the alleged incident.”