Glack woman's plea for global mums

Glack native Roisin O'Hare from Trócaire is calling on people to remember the extraordinary mothers across the developing world this Mother's Day.

Tuesday, 1st March 2016, 1:00 pm
Roisin O'Hara from Trocaire.

This weekend people across Northern Ireland will celebrate the mothers in their families and honour the women in their lives, said Roisin.

“Mums, here at home, are a blessing to be cherished, but having visited the developing world I always also remember the ‘Global Mums’ I have met who, despite struggling against unimaginable poverty and injustice, are making sure their children have a brighter future.

“Mothers across the developing world are struggling to feed their children and earn enough money to send them to school. The sacrifices mothers and families are making is extraordinary and highlights their strength and determination.”

Roisin explained this week Trócaire is celebrating the women the organisation has been able to support thanks to donations from the Roe valley and throughout County Derry and across Northern Ireland, particularly during the Lenten campaign.

“The Trócaire Box is our biggest fundraising campaign and provides the organisation with funds which are critical to our programmes overseas,” she said.

“Last year Trócaire’s work supported 2.4 million people across the developing world. 75,000 women found specific support from our women’s empowerment programme, which is building women’s incomes and reducing their vulnerability to abuse and exploitation. This work would not have been possible without the generous support we receive from communities here at home.

“Mothers across the developing world are regularly skipping meals so that their children can eat. They are undertaking dangerous, life-threatening work so that their children can go to school. Across Northern Ireland this weekend we will be celebrating our wonderful mums and Trócaire is asking us to also remember the wonderful ‘Global Mums’ who are working tirelessly to make sure their children have a better future.”

Roisin explained that this Lent the Trócaire box is box is very different, because it is covered with pictures of people across Ireland, north and south, who do so much to support the organisation’s work each year.

“The people featured on the box are school children, teachers, grandparents, the clergy and volunteers who support Trócaire’s work. All of these people have something in common- they cannot ignore injustice and poverty. They all want to make a difference in whatever way they can. Sometimes it is easy to look at the scale of global poverty and think ‘what can I do?’ This year our Trócaire box is dedicated to the thousands of people here at home who say ‘I’ll do what I can’,” she said.

“800,000 people support the Lenten campaign each year through the Trócaire Box. Thanks to people across the whole of Ireland we are supporting mothers to grow enough food for their children and earn enough income to send them to school. They are working incredibly hard and their strength and determination is incredible. With the loyal support from Co. Derry they will build a better life for their families. And, remember this year the UK government will match all donations in Northern Ireland to the Lenten campaign pound for pound.”

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