‘Glassed’ in face on birthday night out

Pint Glass attack. 2106JM30
Pint Glass attack. 2106JM30

The father of a young Derry woman who received 26 stitches to her face after allegedly being glassed in a local nightclub at the weekend has described the incident as “savage.”

The man, who did not wish to be identified, was speaking after his daughter sustained deep cuts to her face following the incident in the early hours of Sunday morning when she was out celebrating her birthday.

The Derry father said his daughter has been left shaken by the incident and has been unable to eat anything but soup through a straw.

He also said she is now afraid to return to the city centre to socialise.

“This was a savage incident,” he said. “She was out celebrating her 22nd birthday with friends and ended up with a glass smashed in her face.

“She had to get 16 stitches inside her lip and ten on the outside just under her nose.

“She is in a considerable amount of pain and has not slept since this happened. The only thing she has been able to eat is soup which has been strained and even then she has to use a straw,” he explained.

He said he wanted to make people aware of what can happen in the city centre at night. “As a parent, I just wanted to let people know what is going on in the city centre and what can happen to young people.

“I want to make people aware, particularly parents, of the dangers that are out there and what can happen when you are on a night out,” he said.

He also called on anyone who witnessed the incident to contact PSNI detectives at Strand Road who are investigating the incident.

A PSNI spokesperson said a 21 year-old woman has been charged in connection with the incident and is expected to appear in court in relation to the matter next month.