Glenowen residents’ road traffic concerns

Sinn Fein Councillor Colly Kelly.
Sinn Fein Councillor Colly Kelly.

There is an urgent need for a review of how traffic is managed in the Glenowen and Creggan Road areas, according to local Sinn Fein councillor, Colly Kelly.

Colr. Kelly said the traffic management issue was of equal importance to both pedestrians and motorists.

“There are two elements to the traffic problems faced by residents, pedestrians, and road users in the greater Glenowen area,” said Colr. Kelly.

“Residents have contacted me concerned about the speed of the traffic travelling through the estate and the need for some form of traffic calming.

“The second concern was the dangers particularly for local young children crossing the ‘Bywash’/Creggan Road to go to school or catch the bus. Anyone who uses this road on a daily basis knows the high volumes of traffic that use it particularly during rush hour and the dangers that this presents. It’s also very hard for motorists to exit out onto Creggan Road from Glenowen,” he added.

Colr. Kelly told the ‘Journal’ that he helped to co-ordinate a door-to-door survey of the area so that he could find out how concerned residents are about road traffic in the area.

We carried out a petition in the development calling for the installation of traffic calming measures in consultation with residents and we engaged with residents got a very positive response. The areas was last assessed for traffic calming features in 2012. At the time it had a score that placed it at number 42 on the traffic calming priority list. Transport NI (Road Service) has said that as funding becomes available schemes will be drawn from the list on a priority basis.

Residents are now calling on Transport NI to look at both aspects as a matter of urgency and move on these issues.