Goodbye Xbox, hello Scouts!

Xbox, Nintendo and Wii may have to be relegated somewhat in a few households - now that St Columb’s Cathedral is planning a new Beaver Colony for young boys and girls with a spirit of adventure!

And the new Colony is open to all young people in the city and environs.

The Dean of Derry, Dr William Morton, and some of his youth leaders believe that children and young people benefit greatly from the social interaction and skills gained from the various activities through membership of such organisations.

“There is a long tradition of Scouting in the Cathedral,” Dean Morton explains, “and we feel we can diversify that by providing some activities for the younger age groups by initiating a Beaver Colony.

“With this in mind we are opening the organisation to people of other denominations - or none - in the community at large so that we can provide maximum benefit for those who come along.”

The usual age range for Beavers is 5 - 7 years. A special meeting for potential Beavers, with their parents, will be held this Thursday evening at 7.30 pm in Cathedral House, No 1 St Columb’s Court (on the way up to the Cathedral from Bishop Street). Everyone most welcome.