Gorilla love in Belfast zoo

A loving gorilla mum refuses to let her baby stray too far at Belfast zoo, as shown in this lovely video filmed by reader, Denise Watt.

The second baby delivered in the zoo in recent years was born on Sunday 30 March to parents Kamili and Gugas. However during the early weeks newborn gorillas cling to the mother’s stomach, making it difficult for zoo keepers to find out the infant’s gender. Kamili was so protective that it was impossible to determine for quite a while whether or not the baby was a boy or a girl.

Cute baby gorilla

Cute baby gorilla

After weeks of waiting, the zoo finally announced that the infant is a girl and, after much consideration, she has been named Kibibi which means ‘little lady’ in Swahili.

Gugas is Belfast Zoo’s silverback gorilla. He was born in the wild but had an unfortunate start to life as his parents were killed, probably for bushmeat.

As can be seen in the video shared by Denise Watt, the mother is no less protective of her baby today.