Greencastle and Fahan top priority

Donegal Co. Council should not be concentating the bulk of its financial resources on developing Culdaff’s Bunagee harbour but should be undertaking major works at Greencastle and ‘sorting out’ difficulties at Fahan if it wants to truly develop the marine industry in Inishowen

Marine consultant and Editor of Irish Cruising Club Sailing Directions Norman Kean says he wants to ask publicly what was the process that led to the choice of Bunagee for the investment of €1.6 million?

Mr Kean told the Journal: “There is one small problem with Bunagee - Malin Head. It is Ireland’s Cape Horn, difficult even in Summer.

Greencastle should be developed as the main marina - it is accessible in all weathers; has got excellent local pubs, restaurants and other facilities ; and Derry is just up the road where the City Council has invested a lot of money in a marina.”

Stating that while Inishowen would never be competing with Spain Mr Kean said the potential of marinas for marine tourism - angling, diving, sailing - was ‘seriously significant.”

He went on : “You have to go to Belfast Lough to find a bigger congregation of sailing boats than currently found at Fahan. This facility has a major role tol play too.

“I am, however, astonished that Bunagee, which has no facilities, is top of the pile. I’m not knocking the development but it doesn’t make sense.”