Greenhaw residents ‘enraged’ at retail plan

Long's Supervalu. (1702PG121)
Long's Supervalu. (1702PG121)

Residents in the Greenhaw Road area of the city have joined forces to oppose a new retail plan for the district.

A recent Change of Use planning application for four retail units at the Long’s SuperValu site has “enraged” local residents.

The plan, say householders in the Greenhaw, Danesfort and Hampstead areas, has “brought residents together in a way not experienced before.”

It’s understood more than 200 letters of objection have already been sent to the Planning Service.

Residents say they fear the possibility of four hot food outlets operating along Greenhaw Road.

“The change of use will also result in increased traffic and change the entire fabric of the area,” said a spokesperson.

Residents say they welcomed the original planning applications and were looking forward to the renovation of the existing building.

“The sheer number of objections will, we hope, make the Planning Service view this application in a different light. We’ll do all we can to fight it.”