Greenwalk area gets environmental make-over

Councillor Kevin Campbell with local resident Noleen McGowan.
Councillor Kevin Campbell with local resident Noleen McGowan.

The Greenwalk area of Creggan has been given a facelift as part of a wider programme of works in the Triax area.

The move is part of an extensive regeneration programme taking place across the Creggan, Bogside, Brandywell and Fountain areas of the city.

Sinn Fein Councillor Kevin Campbell, who is a member of the Triax Neighbourhood Management Team, said Greenwalk was targeted for an environmental improvement scheme this summer.

This was carried out on the back of a survey done by the Triax Neighbourhood Management Team in the area last year to find out the issues affecting the local environment in Greenwalk.

These issues ranged from dog litter on the green areas, untidy fencing and general cleaning of the area.

To date, five dog litter bins have been installed in Greenwalk from Melmore Gardens down to Inishowen Gardens.

Fencing in the area has also been repainted to give local homes and the wider area a face lift.

Kevin Campbell also said that as part of the environmental improvement in Greenwalk the Triax Neighbourhood Management Team delivered hanging baskets to households in the area.

Local resident Noleen McGowan is one of those who has seen the benefit of the project.

Noleen said: “The people from Triax Neighbourhood Management Team did a fantastic job they painted the fences and cleaned up the entire are.

“Then on Saturday they came around and gave us a flower basket to add to the work they already did.”

The project in the Triax area is one of a number which have seen estates across the city spruced up over the summer months.

There have also been projects carried out by local staff and volunteers from the Shantallow based Teamworks team.

As well as carrying out refurbishment work in the Shantallow area, the Teamworks team also undertook work in the area of Moss Park in Galliagh which had been the scene of some anti-social disturbances earlier this summer. Workers arrived in the area and began cleaning debris, including burnt materials, painted fences and cleaned up the area for residents.

The Teamworks team also cleaned laneways behind Margaret Street in the Chapel Road area of the Waterside.