Grunge Revival DJ Set at Castle Bar tomorrow

Tomorrow evening a Grunge Revival DJ Set will take place upstairs at the Castle Bar - as a preview of next month’s spectacular ‘Grunge Revival’ concert at St. Columb’s Hall.

From the Organisers that brought you Derry’s ‘First Waltz’ and ‘Woodstock’, the city’s latest high-octane music experience will be the ‘Grunge Revival’ on May 7. A host of local artists will combine talents and pay tribute to some of the most influential bands and artists of the so-called ‘grunge’ era of the 1990s. Among those lined up to perform are The Cannibals, who will recreate Pearl Jam, The Thumping Jelly Fish will pay tribute to the unbelievable Pixies, Rocky 6 will reform for one night only to bring you The Smashing Pumpkins, Intermission will perform as Nirvana, Rage On Parade will play Rage Against the Machine, Kevin Magee and Band will present The Lemonheads, Rory Morrin will bring you Unplugged Grunge, We Die Young will pay tribute to Counting Crows and the newly formed Bad Motor Fingers will recreate the amazing Soundgarden.

More details to come...