Hamilton site for Factory artwork call

The Derry Factory Girls mural commissioned by the Inner City Trust.
The Derry Factory Girls mural commissioned by the Inner City Trust.

A local community worker has called for a major art work in honour of the thousands of local women who powered Derry’s shirt factory industry to be created at the former Hamilton Shirt Factory site.

Community Activist Eamonn O’Donnell made the call as, along with fellow community worker Paul Hughes, he praised local arts organisation UV Arts for their striking new Factory Girls murals at the Craft Village in Derry.

Mr O’Donnell said: “More energy and commitment should now be invested in creating a more prominent art piece and recognition at the site of the Old Hamilton Shirt Factory, a key gateway site to the city, so that the industrial heritage of that site can be preserved.”

Mr Hughes meanwhile praised the new murals at the Craft Village, which will be a precursor to the long-awaited permanent artwork planned for the city centre.

Mr Hughes said: “At long last, it is great to see a tribute to the original Derry Girls in the form of a new mural at The Craft Village in the city centre. This is a positive step in the right direction in acknowledging the industrial working class heritage of this city and UV Arts should be commended for their efforts.”

The Craft Village murals have been commissioned by the Inner City Trust.