Hands of History in Donegal.

Letterkenny's Central Library will host a Hands of History event.
Letterkenny's Central Library will host a Hands of History event.

A number of events focusing on Donegal’s past and how it can shape its future are bring organised across the county.

The Hands of History project is being led by Donegal County Council and managed by Inishowen Development Partnership, under the auspices of the Donegal CDB Peace and Reconciliation Partnership.

It explores a Donegal with many pasts and aims to work towards one shared future which will create strong peace and reconciliation impacts for those participating in the project. This project is supported by the Special European Union’s European Regional Development Fund, through the EU programme for Peace and Reconciliation and is managed for the Special EU Programmes Body by Donegal County Council.

The Hands of History Project is designed to provide an opportunity to learn lessons from the past and apply them to the present day to create a safer, better future. It seeks to ensure that various aspects of Donegal and the Island of Ireland’s history are covered during the project activities throughout 2014.

This programme explores how we remember key events in our history, developing an understanding of how these events were experienced by different communities within the County and how these historical legacies have contributed to relationships today. This involves challenging attitudes, sharing perspectives and developing greater levels of trust and tolerance by exploring and debating these legacies through workshops, conferences, theatre and exhibitions and will target all the key target groups of the PEACE III Programme.

Events include Epilogues, which are accredited free multimedia four-day educational programme exploring the underlining causes of conflict held in the Inishowen Gateway Hotel starting August 21st.

The Ethical and Shared Remembrance project will be held in the Central Library, Letterkenny on the evening of September 4th. This will be discussion based on the decade of commemorations and facilitated by Seamus Farrell from The Junction.

The Celebration Event will be held in the Radisson Hotel, Letterkenny on September 17th. This free event will have varied activities including guest speakers, drama and musical performances.

Hands of History is also working alongside Donegal County Council’s Library, Museum

and Archives in the rolling out of school and community based projects throughout the five Municipal Districts of County Donegal.

See http://www.inishowen.ie/community-groups/hands-of-history-project/ for more

information or contact the Hands of History staff by email; Damien McColgan, damien@inishowen.ie and Joanne Curran, joanne@inishowen.ie for further details or to

book attendance to these free events.