‘Happy Days’ at Rossmar charity ‘Dance ‘Wiggle’

Students at Rossmar Special School in Limavady got their ‘Wiggle’ recently, writes Sheena Jackson.

The dance fundraiser was for ‘Happy Days’.

“They provide the funds for us to go to the pantomime in the Millennium Forum in December. They supply and tickets because, otherwise, we would not have the money to take the whole school which is what we do, take the whole school,” said Head of Primary, teacher Nuala McNeill.

“We raised £550 which is phenomenal as we are a small school, so for our primary to raise that is fantastic. Student Lucas raised £107 and Ryan raised £72.

“We are there with the other schools in the area and they read out the names of all the schools and, when our name is called out, our youngsters are just so excited.

“The dance been an ongoing project and it went down a treat in the school.

“‘Happy Days’ is a fantastic charity and without them we could not take our children to the pantomime so anything we can do to help we do. We have some children who probably go to the pantomime with their parents, but there are a lot of children who never have that experience. Logistically it can be difficult especially if you have a child in a buggy or a wheelchair. The Forum are very good to us, but for a parent to take their child to the pantomime plus other family members as well, it can be quite a difficult experience so when we can do it as a school it’s great.”

Ms McNeill added: “It’s a great day out and it’s not often we get to do that as a school community, so happy days all round!”