Hardline republicans to continue campaign

Hardline republicans have vowed to continue their campaign in 2011. In a New Year statement, the 32 County Sovereignty Movement (32CSM), regarded by many as the political wing of the Real IRA, defended the right of groups to resort to armed struggle and added it was "inevitable."

THE 32CSM statement said; "The continued violation of our national sovereignty has led to the inevitable consequence of armed struggle. Those who are engaging in military operations against British occupation have every right to do so, as they always had throughout our history. The function of the Sovereignty Movement is not to question this right nor question the merits of invoking it but to address the cause which makes it inevitable.

"Treating the Irish Republican Army as a militia is a deeply flawed approach. Predicating a peace strategy on the exclusion of Irish national rights is doomed to failure."

The group also appealed to young republicans to get involved in its campaigns. "We address young republicans everywhere; this is your time, it is your era, your society, your technological age, you need to lead the way on this front. We need to demonstrate to our people that our aims are relevant to their everyday lives and represent an enrichment of society," the statement said.

Meanwhile, in its New Year statement, the IRSP said the announcement by the INLA last year that its war is over offers new opportunities.

"The INLA's decision does not represent a change in the politics of the IRSM, but rather an adaption to the conditions we find ourselves in. It remains clear that there is no parliamentary road to socialism, nor is there a guerrilla road to socialism. The building of socialism requires the active participation of the masses. The challenge we now face as revolutionary socialists is to win the hearts and minds of our class and to bring them to our side in the fight for a 32 County Socialist Republic," the group said.