Harkin suspends canvass, pays tribute to Manchester spirit, and warns against racist stereotyping

People Before Profit's Foyle Westminster candidate Shaun Harkin has suspended canvassing in response to the Manchester Arena bomb attack on Monday night.

Tuesday, 23rd May 2017, 1:15 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:17 pm

Mr. Harkin paid tribute to the people of Manchester in how they have rallied together in the wake of the attack.

He also warned governments must not be permitted to manipulate the atrocity as an excuse for ‘more racist scapegoating and military violence’.

He said: “​People Before Profit is suspending our election campaigning in Foyle today in solidarity with the people of Manchester. Our thoughts are with the victims and families of this unjustifiable tragedy.

“The great solidarity by ordinary people in Manchester in response to what happened is a testament to the decent core goodness of people there and everywhere.”

Mr. Harkin said the attack, which killed over twenty people attending an Ariane Grande concert last night, must not be used by governments internationally as an excuse or justification for state repression or violence.

He said: “We cannot allow this tragedy to be exploited by those intent on sowing fear and division. We must not allow governments to use this tragedy to justify more racist scapegoating and military violence. Instead, we must increase the urgency of our efforts to undo the root causes of these tragedies.

“We stand with everyone in Manchester and all around the world who are holding their loved one’s close and yearning for a better world.​“