Harper’s Quay car park stand off

Councillor Christopher Jackson (far right) pictured with Harper's Quay residents.
Councillor Christopher Jackson (far right) pictured with Harper's Quay residents.

Harper’s Quay residents were unable to drive their cars out of a car park yesterday morning after the gates leading in and out of the car park were chained shut.

Sinn Fein councillor, Christopher Jackson, was contacted by the residents and after several hours, the gates were opened and residents were able to leave in their cars.

“Up until Sunday night the residents in Harper’s Quay had an understanding with the owner of the car park that they could use level eight to park their vehicles. However, many of the residents woke up this morning to find a letter pinned to their windscreens telling them that if they wanted to leave the car park in their cars they had to call the solicitor’s number in the letter and someone would be sent to open the car park.”

It is thought that the car park has changed hands recently but Colr. Jackson called on the current owner to provide clarity on the matter.

“One of the residents went to get into her car this morning but when she found the gates shut she had to phone a colleague to come and collect her and take her to work. This is just not on.

“The gates have been chained shut again but I would have thought that that would have posed a health and safety risk to the residents in the sense that it restricts ease of access for the likes of fire engines and ambulances.”

Colr. Jackson concluded by saying that he would now endeavour to make contact with the new owner to see if the old arrangement with the residents could be allowed to stand.

“There are only a handful of people living in Harper’s Quay and up until Monday morning there has never been any issue. I plan on trying to contact the owner of the car park on behalf of the residents to see if there if an arrangement can be reached but in between times, it is imperative that the health and safety of Harper’s Quay residents is not compromised.”

One of the residents who did not want to be named, told The Derry Journal they were disappointed about how the issue of car parking was handled.

“It’s not like there are hundreds of us living here. I think there are only about 17 or so flats.

“Chaining the gates shut and not allowing us to leave in our cars when we wanted is an absolute joke. The vast majority of us have been able to get access to our cars but I would really like to think the new owner would think about letting the old arrangement stand,” said the resident.