Hassan calls for brick wall at Culmore Point

Sinn Féin Councillor Tony Hassan has called for the replacement of railings along the river front at Culmore with a solid continuous brick wall.

Councillor Tony Hassan told the ‘Journal’ that he believes replacing the railings with a stone wall could go a long way towards solving the area’s flooding issues.

“This area is an idyllic and beautiful place on a sunny day but as we have seen recently with the weather conditions can change very quickly.

“I believe that the Department for Regional Development Roads Service need to remove the sections of the railings at the roadside along the river front and replace it with a continuous solid stone wall, in consultation with local residents.”

Colr. Hassan said the wall would benefit local residents, especially during the winter and during periods of bad weather

“Over recent winters the weather has been really unpredictable and this road has suffered from flooding and we need to ensure that residents, pedestrians and motorists are safe at all times. I believe a new wall would go some way to resolve many of those issues.”