Hassan hits out at house vandalism

49 Ardnamoyle Park
49 Ardnamoyle Park

A married couple and their five young children are unable to move into a house in Ardnamoyle Park after it was vandalised last weekend.

Sinn Fein councillor for the Greater Shantallow area, Tony Hassan, described the actions of vandals as “senseless” and “anti-community”.

“It’s because of the senseless attack on this house that a family have been left without a home for Christmas.

“The family who were due to move into the house in Ardnamoyle Park have five children and I know from talking to them that they were really excited to be moving into the house but now because of the anti-community actions of a few people the family will be left homeless over Christmas.”

Colr. Hassan is Sinn Fein’s spokesperson in Derry on housing issues and said that such acts of vandalism are detrimental to how social housing is managed in the city.

“The vandalism of the house in Ardnamoyle Park is a perfect example of how some people living in the community just don’t care about anyone else but themselves.

“I have spoken in the past about Derry’s homeless situation and the number of people waiting on a house from the Housing Executive is very high so the last thing we need is people breaking into houses earmarked for families.

“The vandals who broke into the house in Ardnamoyle Park ripped the piping off the walls - they wrecked everything.

“The house will not be ready in time for Christmas. I would appeal to anyone with information to contact the police or if they’d prefer, a local community worker.”