Hats off to the St. Mary’s girls!

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Joe Mahon, Lesser Spotted Ulster presenter, and St. Mary’s College, Derry have donned hats in support of Age NI’s Wear a Hat Day.

Throughout February, schools across Northern Ireland are invited to take part in Wear a Hat Day to generate awareness of the challenges that some older people face during the cold winter months.

Pupils will donate £1 each to accessorise their school uniform.

Joe said: “This is such a great initiative!

Not only do the pupils have a bit of fun with their uniform for the day but they are all helping raise awareness of a very serious issue.

“Here at St. Mary’s College, we’re all doing our bit to support Age NI to spread the warmth this winter and make sure that our older family and friends are warm, well and looked after.”

On Wear a Hat Day, pupils can also visit www.ageni.org/pledge and promise to do something kind for an older person like carrying their shopping or making a cup of tea.

For each act of kindness promised, NIE Energy will donate £5 to Age NI.

To organise Wear a Hat Day at school, visit www.ageni.org/school. There you can download materials including an A4 poster, A5 flyer, an assembly introduction and assembly planners. For further information, contact the Age NI Fundraising Team on 028 9089 2644.