‘He’ll do Derry proud’ says BB Conor’s mum

Big Brother contestand, Hatmore's Conor McIntyre pictured alongside republic of Ireland legend, Damian Duff. The question is who wil have the happier weekend? (0806lm77)
Big Brother contestand, Hatmore's Conor McIntyre pictured alongside republic of Ireland legend, Damian Duff. The question is who wil have the happier weekend? (0806lm77)

The family and friends of Derry’s latest big brother contestant, Conor McIntyre, have mobilised in order to help him avoid eviction from the Channel 5 show.

The Hatmore man faces eviction this evening. Having been nominated within minutes of arriving at the famous house on Tuesday, Conor, 24 could be on the plane home before he even settled in on the reality show.

“I really hope that doesn’t happen,” said his mother Siobhan. “I don’t think we have got to see the real Conor just yet. I can tell he is a little bit down. I think he has found being nominated a little overwhelming. I really hope, that the people of Derry get behind him. He is a good young fella who enjoys life. I really think he’ll do Derry proud. He is a bit of a candyman but a Derryman through and through,” said his mother. “He even spoke about Derry and the City of Culture bid in his application video.”

Mother of four, Siobhan revealed that the Big Brother project was in fact masterminded by Conor’s 17 year-old sister, Clare. She recorded the video, took the photographs and edited it all together, It’s all been her idea.

“Last week we went to Culdaff to enjoy the calm before the storm and that is how it has proved. Our house and Conor’s friends have just stormed into action since his nomination. We want him to have the chance to show the real Conor.”

The hardest part of having her eldest son on the show was keeping it a secret, according to Siobhan. “The family were told to tell no one. The other three, Mark, 23, Ronan, 19 and Clare were saying I must have raised them right as they found the little white lies really hard.”

Those questions quickly changed from ‘Where is Conor?’ to ‘How is he getting on?’

“The phone hasn’t stopped. We’ve had calls and emails from Conor’s friends and cousins in Australia. Except for the shock nomination it has been brilliant. I think it is just great for someone from Derry to be involved. I just hope we can keep him in. Everyone is working hard at increasing his support locally.”

Just in case the worst happens and Conor is evicted, his girlfriend Kayleigh O’Reilly and friend Paddy McLaughlin will travel to London for tonight’s live show. The question is how did Kayleigh, who was watching with the extended McIntyre family, react when Conor mentioned his party piece on his intro video? “Well his granny said she couldn’t really hear, which was just as well. Him and his mates are like that, joking all the time,” laughed the former Miss Derry. “I personally don’t think it’s amazing.

“Conor wasn’t really nominated for any reason. The whole house went silent when his name was mentioned for eviction. We could see it in his face that he was gutted. No one expected that one coming. Everyone who meets him loves him, so I’m sure he’ll be OK. Like I said he’ll make this year’s Big Brother worth watching.”

Conor works as a personal fitness trainer at Templemore Sports Complex and The City Hotel. A football fanatic he once trained at a David Beckham soccer academy alongside Damian Duff and Frank Lampard.

In order to help Conor avoid becoming the first evictee, ‘Team Mackers’ as they call themselves are calling on Derry to get behind the BB contestant.

To vote for Conor telephone either, landline 09016161707 or text 6505807.