HE plea to tenants on rent

The Housing Executive’s West Accounts Unit is urging tenants who may be experiencing difficulty paying their rent to get in touch at the earliest opportunity for advice on how best to resolve the issue.

Accounts Unit Manager Kevin McDowell explained: “In the current financial climate more people are finding it difficult to make ends meet.

“It is important however to keep paying your rent regularly; if you don’t, you may be at risk of losing your home.

“Housing Executive tenants, who are having difficulty paying their rent, should not ignore the problem. Staff in our Accounts Unit are committed to providing every opportunity to help tenants who are experiencing difficulties.

“But it is important that they contact us at the earliest possible stage so that an affordable agreement can be made to repay the arrears.” Housing Executive Accounts staff can be contacted on 03448 920900.

Mr McDowell said: “We are fully committed to helping tenants organise their finances so they can pay their rent and meet other expenses too through referrals to DebtAction NI.”