Healing for the River Foyle

The River Foyle, Derry. DER2515MC016
The River Foyle, Derry. DER2515MC016

A special healing of the River Foyle is to take place this Sunday 13th September.

At 3pm three healers will begin the healing on a Foyle Search and Rescue boat on the river above the Craigavon bridge. Healers and the public will gather on the Craigavon, Peace and Foyle bridges and the quayside at the Derry City Council offices. There will also be healers on the river bank at St Columb’s Park

Speaking about the event local healer Ann Whelan said, “For many years our city has witnessed people from near and far who have lost their way to the River Foyle. Family and friends have been left bewildered and hurt by their loss; a loss which has also been felt throughout our wider community.

“The intention of this healing is to cleanse and purify the River Foyle, river bed, banks and bridges. Sound vibrations through the use of drumming will be used to disperse stagnant energy that has built up over many years. “The healers on the Foyle Search and Rescue boat will channel healing energy and as the boat travels under each of the bridges, the healers will assist in anchoring in and sending out this healing energy to everyone present and across our beautiful city.

“We hope this healing will also be felt by family and friends of any person who ended their journey with life in other ways.

“Finally, we intend this healing to reach out to anyone in the future who feels they are losing their way to the River Foyle. As he/she stands looking into the water, intent on ending their journey with life, may they feel the healing and love anchored on this day and thus find alternative answers.”