Healing Hearts helped me when mammy died

Shauna and her mum Pat.
Shauna and her mum Pat.

Limavady teenager Shauna Murray has a special teddy bear sitting on her bed.

It’s one she made from pairs of pyjamas that use to belong to her mum, Pat.

Shauna and her two sisters Orla and Bronagh made teddy bears from her mum’s pyjamas after she passed away, as part of the Healing Hearts programme at the Foyle Hospice.

“Mammy loved her pyjamas when she was sick,” said Shauna. “So it was nice to be able to make something with them that we can keep forever. I engraved my bear with the words ‘Love you Mammy’

Shauna was just 15 when her mum passed away peacefully in her Limavady home on December 4, 2014.

“Mammy had a brain tumour,” explained Orla. “She was only 54. Mammy was the friendliest, most loving person you could ever meet, Everyone loved speaking to her, she was an amazing woman. She stayed positive and always looked on the bright side.”

Although Shauna and her sisters knew their mum was terminally ill, her death still came as a huge shock.

“We were more prepared for mammy’s death than someone who has lost someone suddenly but it was still a big shock when she died,” she said. “I never thought it would be this hard. Mammy died at home, that’s what she wanted and we were all with her.”

It was during her mother’s illness that Shauna met Michelle Kosky from the Foyle Hospice Healing Hearts project.

“Michelle is an amazing lady,” said Shauna. “She supported me the whole way through it. She helped my sister Bronagh and I make a photo collage, and it was all pictures of us and mammy. One of the best things we did was the teddy bear project, My sisters and I treasure our bears, We’ll keep them forever.

“I still see Michelle when I need her. After mammy died, I would feel pressure at school especially doing my exams because I would be constantly thinking about mammy. Michelle helps me to refocus and reassures me. If I feel panicky or stressed Michelle helps me feel better, “Michelle and the Foyle Hospice made such a difference to my life. I don’t know what I would have done without them.”