Health Minister appeals for new blood donors to come forward

The North’s health minister has asked people in Derry to consider giving blood.

Edwin Poots says blood donation is vital for the delivery of health care, and in saving and enhancing lives.

“We all know someone who has benefited from donated blood through emergency surgery, for routine operations, in the treatment of cancer or childbirth.”

Mr Poots says the demand for blood in the North is increasing steadily. He says around 300 pints a day are needed.

“Currently only 6% of Northern Ireland’s eligible population gives blood. That means 94% of the population do not donate. I would urge everyone eligible across the province to consider becoming a donor.

“I would ask everyone to take the time to give blood and save a life. If you give blood today, you will have saved a life within four days”, the Minister said.

More information is available by calling 0500 534666 or visit