11% of patients miss hospital appointment

More than 36,000 patients missed their appointments at Altnagelvin Hospital in the last year.

The shocking statistics show that in excess of 11% of people booked to see either a consultant, nurse, allied health professional or other service missed their consultation.

While the Trust acknowledges that it may reschedule appointments due to staff sickness they have also asked that patients “let the hospital know if they won’t be able to attend and to do this at the earliest opportunity”.

Local British Medical Association spokesperson, GP Tom Black, said: “It’s very important that patients use the resources properly so that those appointments they do not use can be used by others and not wasted.

“Resources will be severely limited due to cuts in the coming years and we all need to use community services effectively.


“However, it is also incumbent upon the Trusts to ensure patients are seen in a timely manner and addresses are accurate.”

Director of Performance Management and Service Improvement at the Western Trust, Sara Groogan, said: “The cooperation of the public is essential if this non-attendance rate is to be reduced further.”