Appeal for seriously ill Derry man in U.S.

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  • 53-year-old has kidney failure
  • Medical bills in US mounting
  • Friends in California make heartfelt appeal

Appeal for financial help

Over $21,000 has now been raised in just over 48 hours to help Paul McKeever who is very well known in music circles here having been involved in the Derry Feis and a number of other Derry music and theatre groups for many years before emigrating to the United States.

The bad news is, Paul has a financial responsibility that he cannot meet

Icela Martin, close friend of Paul McKeever

Paul, 53, is originally from the Belmont area of the city but is currently living in California where he is a music teacher at the St. Apolinaris Catholic School. Last Tuesday he was diagnosed with kidney failure after having taken himself to the Emergency Department at his local hospital.

Speaking from America yesterday, his close friend Icela Martin told the Journal that the popular Derry man had been unwell for a number of days but was not prepared for the severity of the diagnosis.

On Friday past, Paul had surgery to allow for dialysis to begin and has been receiving treatment since. His health situation has been further complicated by the fact that he is a severe diabetic. While treatment so far is helping the local man, his medical bills are now increasing rapidly.

“The bad news is, Paul has a financial responsibility that he cannot meet,” said Icela.

“For the next few weeks he will need to get a full grasp of his dialysis, how it works and work into a schedule that will best fit his lifestyle and any costs associated with it. We don’t know when disability will kick in or if it will be enough to cover not only living expenses but also treatment, his ER visit and operation costs. His living situation may change and covering all of his bills as they come in will be a challange all on its own. Insurance will pay a small percentage of his hospital stay but the expenses are relentless. Any help is great and well appreciated.”

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