Back in a dress after 27 years

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This is the Derry woman who is back in a formal dress after 27 years in trousers.

Eileen Murphy who works at Cooley’s Jewellers in Derry has dropped six dress sizes and lost seven stone after joining Slimming World in the Waterside with leader Kieran Moore.

She’s now got a whole new figure from good diet and exercise with no surgery needed - and she says she feels great.

“I’m still the same person,” she said. “I’ve always loved my clothes, hair and make up. I was still happy when I was big and loved to dress up. The only difference now is that I can wear more fitted clothes, after 27 years in trousers it is an amazing feeling to be wearing a dress again.”

Eileen decided to join Slimming World to celebrate graduating from a business course at the North West College.

“I needed a new challenge and I chose to lose weight for my graduation,” she said. “I never at any time felt inferior to anyone. I was happy, confident, loved life. I’ve been married for 18 years, teetotal and never owned a deep fat fryer or frying pan.

“I wasn’t a woman who would run around in my tracksuit bottoms. I always tried to make an effort.

“But I was anxious to be educated as to how to eat the proper foods in order to lose weight.

“With anticipation I made the phone call to the slimming world consultant Kieran Moore.

“I walked through the door of the class in October 2011 which was a daunting experience. But having been introduced to Kieran I had every confidence after his own success story.

“I set myself small goals which I knew were achievable and I knew once I put my mind to anything I always gave it 100%, and by December 2011 I had lost two stone in two months.

“The whole Slimming World experience has had many great benefits to my life in that it has educated me how to eat properly without being hungry, and how to monitor what you eat with the use of a food diary.

“The social interaction and support from other class members was a great motivator.”

Eileen said the support she received from her husband Aidan was invaluable.

“I have been completely overwhelmed by the genuine welcomed words of enthusiasm and admiration from my work colleagues, neighbours and everyone who is interested in what I have achieved so far,” she added. “Words of encouragement mean so much especially when you try so hard.”

The ultimate accolade for Eileen came this year when she was named Derry’s Slimming World’s “Woman of the Year” 2012.

“That was a great moment in recognition of all my hard work over the past ten months and there is no greater boost to anyone’s self esteem than achievement, no matter how small. I feel blessed to be where I am today and I am determined to continue to achieve my long-term goal.”