Buncrana’s miracle tot

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October 18 2012 is a date Buncrana’s Mullin family will remember forever. That was the day three-year-old Andrew got the all-clear from cancer.

Andrew’s father Mike said he and his wife Aster knew the news was going to be good before the consultant confirmed it.

He said: “We had already seen Andrew’s miracle beginning to happen a year before. In September 2011 we received a telephone call from his consultant with the results of his latest Meta-Iodo-Benzyl-Guanidine (MIBG) scan. I’ll never forget it. She said everything regarding Andrew was up in the air. I asked if it was up in the air good or up in the air bad. She replied it was up in the air good.

“Andrew’s bones were clean of cancer! We knew then we had just discovered something amazing and that nothing is impossible for God. The impossibility is with us when we measure God by the limitations of our unbelief. When he got the final all-clear in October past, I was numb, quiet and overwhelmed all in one. The whole family had just endured a horrific 20 months.

“We were just full of gratitude for Andrew’s doctors and for all of the people who had been praying for him. At the same time we were heartbroken for all of the families with sick children who did not make it.”

Mr Mullins recounted how Andrew was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma cancer when he was 17 months old.

He said: “Andrew had cancer in every bone of his body apart from his hands and feet. He had a tumour measuring 7x8x21cm and the prognosis was very bad. However, we really began to see a change when we started praying differently almost one year ago. We have now shared what we learned with other people and have personally seen over a dozen miraculous healings such as the restoration of a person’s sight.

“The revelation as regards prayer happened one night when we were in the car coming back from the hospital. Someone had sent us a CD called ‘God Wants You Well’ by Andrew Wommack. My wife and I listened to it. Aster actually wondered in her diary that night if it could be true. We immersed ourselves in literature relating to divine healing. Thankfully Andrew has now been restored to health.”