Callum’s chance of sight

Baby Callum. (0306SL05) Photo: Stephen Latimer
Baby Callum. (0306SL05) Photo: Stephen Latimer

Gerard Logue sits comfortably in his front room in Limavady swaddling his baby son, Callum, with cuddles and hugs.

The 20 month-old toddler, devouring the attention from his daddy, smiles and gurgles.

“He loves being tickled and being sung to all the time,” explains Gerard.

Callum has the most beautiful big eyes, with lashes so thick and long. “Everyone loves his smile and his eyes,” says proud mum, Emma Magee. “They always talk about them.”

To a stranger, Callum looks like any other child his age - except this brave little boy is registered blind. He was diagnosed soon after birth with a rare condition called Septo-Optic Dysplasia. The toddler has diabetes and is on a cocktail of medication to keep his hydration and sodium levels in check. He also has growth hormone treatment, and the slightest hint of a fever means more medication.

The couple were devastated to learn of their baby boy’s condition, but quickly set about researching what it meant for Callum. They found out about a little girl in Belfast who had the same condition as Callum and met with the family to hear about stem cell treatment she had in China, which gave her sight. “She’s doing fantastic,” said Emma.

The couple want to do all they can to give Callum at chance at having eyesight and aim to raise £40,000 to travel to China for the treatment. They have just started but, thanks to a charity night with the Texas Kickers line dancers from Limavady, have raised almost £2,000. A charity cricket match takes place at The Nedd pitch, Ballykelly, on July 17th.

“Words can’t describe what Callum means to us,” said Gerard.

The couple have a page on Facebook called “Callum’s Chance For Sight” and are setting up a Web page of the same name.

“If it was £1million we had to raise, we would do it; whatever it takes,” said Emma. “We’d be lost without Callum.” To help Callum, phone Emma on 07743418412.