Carn hospital group ‘utterly dismayed’

The James Connolly Memorial Hospital, Carndonagh. 1804JM18
The James Connolly Memorial Hospital, Carndonagh. 1804JM18

A meeting is to be held on Monday night next to review the current situation at Carndonagh Hospital following the confirmation last Monday that four, possibly five, beds are to be closed there for what has been described as a ‘temporary’ arrangement.

In a statedment issued earlier this week the hospitial’s liasion’s group hit out at the decision claiming it had received a categoric assurance last year from the Health Service Executive that there would be no changes at the hospital without it being informed.

A spokesperson for the group said: “It was with utter dismay that the Liasion Group became aware of the practically immediate closure of between 4 and 5 beds in Carndonagh Community Hospital.

“The Group had received a categoric assurance from the HSE that they would be kept informed of all developments, including any proposed bed closures, with regard to the hospital. It was therefore most disappointing to learn of these bed closures through the Highland news report when we had been dealing with the HSE in a mutually respectful manner.

“We are most anxious to ensure that we are fully informed of this most disturbing development.

“Speculation can only heighten concerns over the future of the hospital. At present we are given to understand, through unconfirmed channels, that the bed closures are temporary. We have therefore asked the HSE for full details of the present development and requested an immediate meeting with management at the highest level to discuss the matter.

“The Group will meet on Monday 22nd April to review the current position. It is hoped that we will have a full account of the situation at that stage. A strategy will then be developed and the public will be informed of any proposed action(s) necessary to ensure that the full complement of beds is restored.”

The Hospital Liaison Group is representative of the entire functional area of the Carndonagh Hospital.

It has met several times in the past year and has met with the HSE and hospital management on several occasions to discuss and resolve issues relating to the hospital and the care of residents.