Cathal’s campaign to ‘Stop The Spread’

Cathal O'hOisin MLA. (2709PG01)
Cathal O'hOisin MLA. (2709PG01)

East Derry MLA, Cathal O’hOisin is one of several MLAs taking part in a healthy living campaign called Stop The Spread. It is a nine-week programme and is designed to help people live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Each week, the busy Dungiven man will be checking in and updating readers about how he’s getting on and what he is doing to Stop The Spread. This week we hear how a profiterole at the Kevin Lynch Hurling Club Gala got the better of him, how he cycled 64kms on Betsy, and succumbed to a burger and fries. Optimistic, he knows he can come back from a few slips and admits he “must do better”.

“No excuses, a couple of ounces on after last week’s loss, and I can’t explain it really, save a moderate indulgence and a profiterole at the weekend at the Kevin Lynch hurling Club Gala.

“Did, however, over the week 64 kilometers on on Betsy the exercise bike. Why 64k? Wll I think that we really are all Euro sceptics and, despite all our travels south, unconsciously we all do the divide by eight and multiply by five thing to get the ‘real’ distance, so in actual fact 64km is the same as a round trip to Derry, which is considerably more than my last bike trip which was once to school in Maghera in around 1979.

“I missed the Banagher Dam Cancer Walk on Saturday due to a date reading error, but heard it was a great success and weather permitting must do it again very soon. It’s amazing the number of people walking in the Banagher Dam area and the wildlife and fauna that abounds there.

“I forgot myself totally, however, on Saturday evening when returning from the drawn County final with my 10-year-old and unwittingly and totally out of character found myself ordering a Big Mac and fries and it was one of those moments that you know you’ve got something to do but can’t remember exactly what until it dawns on you! That coupled with a particularly busy schedule ... but hey no excuses. As many of my old school reports would have said ‘could do better’.”

Target loss: 1 stone. Actual gain: 2ozs. Overall loss: 2lb 6ozs