Cervical Cancer Screening could save your life - PHA

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The Public Health Agency (PHA) is urging all women to take up invites to have a regular screening test for cervical cancer. Dr Tracy Owen, Consultant in Public Health Medicine, PHA, said: “Regular screening tests are the best way of detecting early changes in the cells of the cervix that don’t cause any symptoms now but could go on to develop into cervical cancer if left untreated.”

She says with an average of 105 women diagnosed with the disease and 24 women dying from cervical cancer each year in the northit is important for individuals to accept their invitation for a test.

Screening is offered to all women aged 25–64. Women are routinely invited every three years if aged 25–49, and every five years if aged 50–64. Women over 64 years can be screened if their previous three tests did not give a normal result or if they have never been screened.”