Child finds ‘bong’ in Creggan

Councillor Colly Kelly.
Councillor Colly Kelly.

A four-year-old girl picked up a water pipe (also known as a bong) which is believed to have been used for smoking cannabis, in Creggan this week.

Sinn Fein councillor, Colly Kelly, called on any young people taking drugs in the area to seek help from local community organisations and condemned those responsible for dumping the drug taking device in a back lane.

“This is an ongoing problem in this area and it must stop,” said Colr. Kelly.

“I can’t believe people would leave things like these lying around. A four year old child found this - this could have been a horror story.

“I would appeal to young people and their parents. There are organisations like Drink Think and Divert which can help with this sort of thing and they work within the community. No one wants drugs on our streets,” he said.