Conference on Child Sexual Exploitation

The Western Trust will be hosting a three day conference to highlight awareness of the issue of Child Sexual Exploitation.

The conference follows the launch of a national strategy aimed at tackling the sexual exploitation of children which was launched in September of last year.

Over the course of the three day conference in April, Sheila Taylor, the leading campaigner on this issue, will attend to give a number of workshops with a wide cross section of professional and interested parties from across the Western Trust area.

The workshops will target not only health practitioners but also to hoteliers, vintners and other professionals to “make sure this issue is everyone’s business”.

The Trust have simultaneously launched a call for evidence of child sexual exploitation and are currently working to set up a framework with which to deal with any information they receive.

Matthew Reed, Chief Executive of The Children Society - who back the campaign- said: “‘Preventing child sexual exploitation is everybody’s business, not just the police or social workers.

“It is important to work with the hospitality industry, so that their employees are confident in recognising the signs of exploitation and can help keep vulnerable children safe,” Mr Reed added.