DAAA re-activities street campaign

Donegal Action Against Austerity (DAAA) is to man on-street ‘information stations’ outside post offices around the county starting Friday next, July 13.

According to leading anti-austerity activist, Joe Murphy, this to aid the anti- charges campaign which, he claims, has seen 52 per cent of the people of the country still refusing to pay up.

The decision to re-activate the DAA’s public campaign was taken at its monthly meeting in Newtoncunningham earlier this week.

Speaking after the meeting Mr. Murphy said: “It was decided at this meeting that the DAAA will be manning on the street information stations outside various Post Offices around Donegal next week from early morning to late afternoon. Every Friday we will be in a new town.

“The main aims of the information stations are to dispel the fear projected by the government to get people to comply, and to properly inform the people of methods they can use to return all their household charge letters back to sender. This is to nullify any tacit agreement/contract that may be implied by their failure to do so.

“We will be showing people how to use the right wording and how to properly construct labels that they need to stick on their household charge letters before returning them and explaining how this works and why it is effective. This will be a great service from the DAAA, to help the 52% of the people, who have up to this date in time, still refused to pay.”

Mr Murphy explained that the purpose of the strategy was to cause delay at every step and force the authorities to rethink their approach.

Don’t contract

He also stated that the campaign of resistance will continue: “The government and Phil Hogan are all the time telling us about all the money they want from us but never make it public what money if any they are going to make available for people in grants or what ever else to help people upgrade these tanks. Even if there was grant help once they have you roped in and registered, then they can increase these charges as they see fit in the future. Do you believe that they wont increase the charges? Do you trust them to be fair and accountable?”

Condemning the whole financial system as being geared in favour of the rich and the powerful Mr Murphy said if this was not enough, right now we have ‘the ridiculous situation’ in this country were people are being evicted from their homes by the very banks that relied on the people to bail them out with billions.

“When the banks came crying for a bailout the people of Ireland did not throw them out. But it seems there is no longer equity between we the people and the banks in the eyes of this government. They (the govt) are driven by a Europe demanding that the people suffer the consequence of their recklessness by increasing austerity and targeting the poor.

He concluded: “We, as a group, have told the government before that we are not paying and we are now telling them again that we are not going to pay for a debt that we did not create in the first place. We will not be paying the debts incurred by reckless financial gambling, corrupt banking institutions or incompetent politicians.

“Enough is enough”