Derry Detox: Key bodies opted for Omagh

Derry Detox Campaign logo.
Derry Detox Campaign logo.

Both the Western Health Trust and the now disbanded Western Education& Library Board advocated Omagh as the site for the detox services in the west.

Neither body makes any reference to Derry in its feedback forms submitted as part of the consultation.

A spokeswoman for the Western Trust said the Health & Social Care Board decided to reconfigure the service, through an investment of £249,000 and development of an eight-bed Specialist Inpatient Treatment facility in Omagh.

“The Western Trust is committed to the regional approach to alcohol and drug services and welcomes the addition of the specialist facility in Omagh. The new facility in Omagh, as well as the significant resources already deployed in the North West, will ensure that more consistent and improved services are available for residents.”

She added: “The Trust remains committed to working in partnership with service users and carers, community and voluntary providers to ensure that resources are utilised as appropriately as possible based on demand/need.

“The Trust continues to make good progress with the opening of the Specialist Inpatient Addiction Treatment Facility in Omagh and there is a significant amount of work ongoing to get the specialist facility fully operational, including the recruitment and training of medical and nursing staff; minor capital works; adjustments to the original facility as it becomes a 24:7 clinical environment and the establishment of operational policy and procedural systems to support safe and effective care.”