Derry GP urges action on alcohol abuse

Dr. Tom Black.
Dr. Tom Black.

A Derry doctor has warned that alcohol abuse is costing Northern Ireland almost £700 million every year.

Dr. Tom Black says alcohol is “too cheap and too available” and is doing untold damage to society in the North.

Dr. Black, who is chairman of the BMA’s GP Committee in Northern Ireland, said: “GPs are very concerned with the increase in alcohol abuse in our community and the damage it does not only to an individual’s health but also to the fabric of our society.

“Alcohol is too cheap, too available and, as a society, we need to take the bull by the horns and introduce minimum pricing to reduce consumption. The alternative is more physical, psychological and social damage particularly among young people”.

The BMA has also revealed that alcohol abuse claims 266 lives in Northern Ireland every year.

Alcohol Awareness Week runs until November 20.